US election results 2020 .. 22 votes separate Joe Biden from the White House


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The results of the AP and Fox news indexes of the US election results 2020 revealed the progress of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, and his victory in the votes of the state of Wisconsin, bringing Biden’s total votes to 248 of the electoral college votes, to remain between him and the announcement of victory only 22 of the total votes in the electoral college to obtain the 270 necessary votes To declare the victory, against only 214 votes for Republican candidate Donald Trump.

According to the AP index, Biden is close to deciding a new state, Michigan (16 votes in the electoral college), which has counted 99% of its votes, and the result was Biden’s lead by 49.8% compared to 48.7% in favor of Trump, and Biden is still ahead in Nevada (6 votes) In the Electoral College) swing after counting 75% of the vote, Biden obtained 49.2% compared to 48.6% in favor of Trump, and in the event that these two states were decided in favor of Biden, he would have obtained the number of votes required to win which is 270 (248 + 16 + 6).

There are 4 other states ahead of Donald Trump, namely Georgia (16 votes), North Carolina (15 votes), Pennsylvania (20 votes) and Alaska (3 votes), and if Trump got all the votes of those states advanced in it, he would not get the majority. Necessary to declare his victory, given that all his votes in that case will be 268 (214 + 16 + 15 + 20 + 3), which is less than the number required to declare his victory, which is 270 votes from the electoral college.

In order for Trump to win, according to the results indicators, he must win one of the two swing states in Michigan and Nevada, in which Biden leads.

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The latest news on the US election results .. 22 votes remain, and Joe Biden wins
The latest news on the US election results .. 22 votes remain, and Joe Biden wins

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