US elections 2020: Will the winner be announced at the end of voting day, or will the country witness political conflict?


Children at a Delaware rally

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Children at a Delaware rally

It is night US presidential electionSitting continuously in front of the TV screen for 10 consecutive hours while updating and following the latest news on social media platforms, but if US President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden did not admit defeat in the election race, would an American nightmare scenario begin for a disputed election?

Recounts begin, and as lawsuits are filed against the rejected ballot papers, civil unrest begins across the country, and shortly thereafter, a legal appeal is referred to the Supreme Court of the United States to decide who will become president.

Despite that expected scenario, much of all of this could be avoided if Americans were willing to wait for the election result. But how long is the wait? This is the most important question.

What’s the drawback?

It is the postal sounds.

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