“Verse”, a new horror movie in Egyptian theaters | Video


Screenings of the horror film “Verse”, written and directed by Osama Omar, have launched in Egyptian cinemas.

Osama Omar confirmed, in statements to The Insider Arabic program, that the film offers unprecedented graphics technologies in Egypt, and revealed that the film’s events are related to students at the university, and from here it was used by a group of students from the Institute of Performing Arts.

Regarding his role in the film, “Verse” hero Sherif al-Salamouni said that he embodies the character of “Hamza”, the hero of twenty action films, who participates in a big film after graduation, and has a group of close friends, and because he is likable and popular, he deals kindly with a suspicious character who appears at the university .

Actress Martina Adel said that she embodies the character of “Mona”, and brings her together with “Hamza” a love story from the beginning, and she is always with him in the events inside and outside the university.

As for the actor Tamer Al-Qadi, he pointed out that the name of the film reveals to some extent the nature of the events, which revolve around a vague thing that spreads in a certain environment, whose secret the audience does not discover until the end of the film.

Jumana Fouad confirmed that she is very happy with her participation in the film, as she loves horror films very much, and said that her mother, the artist, “Meet Sweidan” encouraged her to participate in it.


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