Video: harsh accusations from player Omar Khirbin to coach Nabil Maaloul


The Syrian player Omar Khirbin Najm Al-Hilal and the Syrian team made a number of serious accusations against the Tunisian coach Nabil Maaloul, the coach of the Nusour Qassioun national team, and this came due to the recent dispute that broke out between the two parties.

Details of harsh accusations from the player Omar Khrbin coach Nabil Maaloul:

Whereas, coach Nabil Maaloul decided to exclude Omar Khirbin from the camp of the Syrian national team, before confronting Uzbekistan in the last international suspension that occurred last week. Kharbin declared and said, “I have sworn not to participate with the Syrian national team in the presence of this coach who treats us badly and insults our mothers. Is this May or fit from a coach.

He added, I did not interfere at all in his technical decisions as was rumored, but I told him that I was proposing to play as a second striker, so he told me that I was a striker in Al-Hilal and I should not express my opinion at all, so I told him that I am in Al-Hilal and happy and comfortable, unlike being in the Syrian national team camp.

And the player Omar Khairbin continued and said that none of us prefers the Syrian national team, but it is impossible for me to be in the national team in light of the presence of coach Nabil Maaloul. Earlier, Khirbin insisted on wearing the number 7 shirt, which Maaloul gave to Ayaz Othman, a professional player in the second division of the league. Turkish.

Omar’s comments Khrbin program 90 minutes.

# Video Statements of Captain Omar Kharbin for the 90-minute program .. – National coach Nabil Maaloul insults the players with their mothers and the President of the Football Association is present in the training .- I will not play for the Syrian national team as long as Nabil Maaloul is a coach. # Crazy_Orange | #Crazy_Orange 🧡🔥

Posted by Crazy Orange on Sunday, November 22, 2020


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