Views of the stars at the end of the El Gouna Film Festival


In conclusion El Gouna Film Festival In its fourth session, the looks of Arab stars and artists attracted us to the red carpet. As the looks were distinctive and beautiful, unlike the previous days, when we noticed some exaggeration in details and the emergence of some old or retro cuts. So follow with us the most important looks that we spotted for you.

A successful look for the stars at the end of the El Gouna Festival

Featured dresses on the red carpet

The beginning was with Laila Elwi through her appearance in a long dress in emerald green made of glossy beige, which befell her very much and adopted a soft hairstyle with it through straightened hair.

Asala surprised us with her presence at the end of the festival and chose to look out on the red carpet in a black dress with a lace collar and decorated at his waist with a wide belt similar to a belt. We liked Bushras look, in a long dress made of ruffles and lace, which she adopted with a tied back hairstyle. This dress caught human beings hugely and reflected her elegance.

Dora Zarrouk adopted an elegant white dress, the upper part of which is distinguished by a layer of ruffles in black and white. The dress was coordinated by a small black handbag designed by Alexander McQueen.

Canada Alloush replaced the disastrous look with the blue suit and the white Putin, so she chose a white dress with a tight fit from which a cape designed by Shahira Lasheen was drawn, and she coordinated a small silver handbag with it. Canadas view is among the most beautiful and distinctive on the red carpet.
Amina Khalil wore a soft yellow dress, one-shoulder, with a shawl that draped over the back. As for Loujain Omran, she went for a sweet marbled design for her feminine look, so she chose a royal-style dress, the lower part of which is a black skirt, while the upper part comes in indigo blue with puffed sleeves and coordinated with a muzzle of the same degree of blue.

One of the most impressive looks that attracted us and we loved her was the look of the Egyptian star Yusra, through a shiny dress in pearl white with a long cape drawn from it, designed by the Lebanese creative George Chakra.

As for Hala Sidqi, she chose a black beige dress, which she coordinated with a black chiffon sash.

Among the distinct looks that also attracted us, was Razan Maghrabi’s look in a gorgeous sky-blue dress, also made of bayite with a Greek story, with one shoulder and open at the waist.

Indeed, the looks of the last day of the El Gouna Festival in its fourth session were distinctive and remarkable, and we loved them all. Follow us with the highlights of these looks and share your opinion.



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