Warning shots explaining why we should always close the toilet lid!


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Warning shots explaining why we should always close the toilet lid!

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A series of stunning photos captured what really happens when water is released into the toilet with the seat cover still raised.

Chemical company Harpic used specialized high-speed cameras to capture the aerosol particles emitted into the air by water falling into the toilet.

A study in July found that corona virus particles could be spread in a cloud up to three feet high by a single stream.

An expert in R&D at Harpic said: “There has never been a more important time for extra care around our homes, although the risks associated with the spread of germs in unsanitary bathrooms are high, the solution to keeping them clean is simple. We hope you help. Our new campaign #CloseTheLid is to inspire people to make simple changes to their cleaning routine, which can have long-lasting benefits for the nation’s health.

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Chinese study:

And it turns out that some of the particles produced by the water flowing into the toilet are able to reach the lower respiratory system, which may lead to infection.

If a person touches a surface contaminated with toilet water, then they can become infected when they touch the nose or mouth.

Previous research found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes “Covid-19”, can be transmitted through stool particles.

A study published in June in “The Lancet” identified virus particles in the stool of “Covid-19” patients, about 5 weeks after the patients tested negative.

The researchers warned that these particles are still viable, and can cause the transmission of the coronavirus through the mouth and feces.

Despite this, the general public is less aware of this potential transmission route, compared to other routes of infection.

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