Watch … a sudden fall by Muhammad Ramadan on a theater in Dubai … and the last: “No one falls but the boy.”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan topped the list of the most popular topics in Egypt on Twitter, after a video spread of his fall on a theater in Dubai on Sunday evening, while he was on his way to receive an honorary award from the Diyafa Festival “.

And after footage taken from different angles spread through social media, Ramadan re-posted one of the clips the moment he fell, after adding part of one of his famous songs to it.

Ramadan commented, through his official account in Instagram: “Trust in God … He only signs the boy.”

And Mohammed Ramadan had previously announced his appearance tonight in Dubai, through a video he posted on “Instagram”, in which he vowed to “trample on the enemies.”

But what happened to him on stage diverted attention to another direction, far from what was expected from his anticipated first appearance, after the recent crisis he had suffered, due to the image in which he appeared embracing the Israeli singer Omir Adam.

The Twitter tweeters interacted with the video of Ramadan falling on the stage, amid a variation in reactions, the owners were divided between compassionate and sympathetic.


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