“Watch” Amr Diab loses his nerve to a fan and this is what he did to him in front of the audience and caused a sensation


The Egyptian artist raised There was widespread controversy among his fans, after he attacked one of his fans in a public place.

In the circulating video monitored by “Watan”, the moment Amr Diab advances towards the young man who was trying to photograph him, and pulls out his mobile phone forcefully, which the majority saw as an attack on the young man.

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Diab’s behavior angered the audience, most of whom affirmed that the young man was not mistaken, and that he is a public figure and it is natural to be portrayed in this way, asking him to apologize for his “arrogance” behavior.

Earlier, Amr Diab raised a great controversy with a picture that brings him together with the dancer, Jawhara,
Followers wondered about the identity of the person whose face was hidden, and the reason for their meeting.

Diab launched his new song “Oh Ahi” a few days ago, in cooperation with the Greek singer.“،
Among the words of Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed by Muhammad Yahya, mixing and mixing Adel Haqqi, and it was recorded between Egypt, Greece and Spain, with the participation of foreign musicians, as Enrique Bermouds participated in the performance.”،
Thanos Stavridis’Demetris Labas “accordion”.

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