Watch .. As usual, the moon, Yasmine Sabry, lights up Instagram with sportswear


Actress Yasmine Sabry published a picture of her on her official page on the social networking site for exchanging photos and videos “Instagram”, as she caught the attention of all those who follow her and got great admiration.

A picture of Yasmine Sabry in sportswear ignites Instagram

Yasmine Sabry appeared in the picture wearing sportswear, and she got a large number of reactions from all her followers on Instagram, and the comments came as follows: “God willing, the moon, the star of the stars, the beautiful.”

The audience praised, through social media, the position that Yasmine did with Our Lady of the Rain, and she got a lot of positive reactions and comments, and this is after I received her at home during the past few days.

She wrote on her personal page on “Twitter” saying, “I always try to see the positive part in every misunderstanding .. I am happy that I got to know the need, Nemat Abdel Hamid, who has been called the Lady of the Rain in the social media.”

She continued, saying, “I contacted Hajja Naamat and Hajj Ali, her husband.

And she confirmed during her meeting on a television program, saying, “I do not feel panic or anxious about the Corona virus, and I am not one of the people who have a lot of obsession with the disease.”


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