Watch .. Muhammad Ramadan continues to provoke his fans with a new image: I am the holiday of Ramadan 2021


The artist participated Mohamed Ramadan His audience with a photo of him through his personal account on the photo and video exchange site InstagramAnd this came in response to his decision to stop him from acting until the completion of his trial regarding the photo that was circulated to him while he is hugging an Israeli artist in a Dubai concert, where he commented on it, saying: “Drama vacation # Ramadan 2021, I wish me and the audience an enjoyable view and best wishes to my colleagues for success and success.”

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And he continued: “And thank you, my fans, for your voting for me the award for the best actor 2020 for # Al-Prince from # Shusha … and for your information not to support me in stopping one thing and your vote for me another thing .. # Praise be to God for every thing is sure good # Our Lord sustains_love # trust_ in God is always success # Muhammad_Ramadan.”

Ramadan’s comment provoked his fans and followers, as he seemed to be indifferent to the decision to stop him from acting or to the opinion of his fans about him after his image was circulated with an Israeli artist, where he sent a letter thanking them for their vote for him as the best actor, indicating that they were the reason for his success one day, and that this It has nothing to do with not supporting him in his current crisis.

A large number of Ramadan’s followers interacted with his post, and their reactions were divided between sarcasm and reproach.

This comment was preceded by another comment on his personal love on the most famous social networking site Facebook, saying: “I respect the Syndicate’s decision despite my explanation of my position on the subject of my picture with an Israeli and that I do not know his nationality, and if I knew I would have refused photography.”

He continued: “Secondly, the place (a restaurant) is not a private party, and I used Arabic, English and French songs, and when the Israeli song worked, I don’t know what I was supposed to be, I was calling my companion and I was in an Arab country, and the position is new to us, regret, and despite my explanation to the captain, I was stopped. On acting in Egypt.

He concluded his message by sending a message of reproach to his audience, who did not support him in the crisis that caused him to be permanently suspended in Egypt, where he said: “Thank you, the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions … Thank you, the production company, for canceling the Ramadan series.”

Next … Thank you, my fans, for not supporting me. ”

In a related context, the General Federation of International Art Syndicates decided to refer the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, for investigation on the first of next December for his presence outside Egypt at the present time, while the head of the representative professions, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, stated that he will be suspended from work until the completion of his trial.

It was Ramadan He sparked widespread controversy after circulating a group of photos of him hugging Israeli singer “Omir Adam” in his latest appearance in Dubai, which sparked outrage among the pioneers of social media from his fans, followers and some stars of the artistic community, expressing their dissatisfaction with his appearance with an Israeli citizen.

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The matter that prompted Ramadan to comment on the photo that angered his fans through a post on his personal account on the most famous social networking site Facebook, saying: “There is no room for asking everyone about his identity, color, nationality and religion .. The Almighty said, ‘You have your religion and have a religion. And he continued his blogging with the hashtag “Trust in God is success,” and added: “I do not care about your name, your color, nor your birth, I care about a person, even if I don’t know or ask about any person who imagines me or imagines with him, and I don’t By asking him about his religion or nationality, and our Lord created us as one. ”


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