Watch .. Traffic jams in Nasr City .. Know the reason


The daily suffering of the residents of the East Cairo neighborhood and the identification of the people of Nasr City, after the closure of most of the U-Turn openings with all the vital axes.

Among the hubs that witness heavy traffic is Abbas Al-Akkad, Mustafa Al-Nahhas, and Makram Ebeid, and Hassan Al-Maamoun, as a result of the closure of most of the automatic openings.

The residents, through the newspapers of the residents of Nasr City, who are responsible for the East Cairo Development Project, appealed to reconsider the utilities, through a field tour to monitor the daily crowding.

Here is the text of the complaint published on the Nasr City residents page:

“A collective complaint from the residents of Nasr City, all of whom endure unnatural suffering every day due to the locking of all the two cars in the main and side streets as well … and no one is responsible for us, and we understand what is going on in the interest of whom.” In addition, there is a media blackout in all programs. No one answers the story of the planning misfortune that happened in Nasr City, Dole, every day they break again after they were paved and asphalted. Okay, the money that you did on the empty is who is responsible for it? !!

In addition, pedestrians are not allowed to have a fair sidewalk on which they can walk, and every day there are deaths on the roads of our life. We have not heard that someone died in them while he was crossing the street !!

We, the residents of Nasr City, are seriously suffering, and no one will respond to us. All the features of our beautiful area are gone, and the place has become strange to us, and the residents of every street are locked in it, and they have turned to the end of the world in order to go, but the street beside it .. They eased the way for me only from Nasr City, and this is through bridges, and actually it made it easier for me to run against us, but the natives are literally locked inside the area and they don’t know how to move.

I wish someone could answer us. ”

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