We will not forget the explosion of the port of Beirut


Actress Nadine Nassib Najim shared a video of her from a television program, in which she talks about the explosion of the Beirut port in which she was, through her personal account on the social networking site to share photos and videos Instagram.

Nadine Nassib talks about the moment of the Beirut port explosion, and the injuries that occurred to her as a result of the explosion, affected and cried during her speech, and commented on the video, writing: “The heart of all the wounded. May God have mercy on the martyrs and help everyone who was affected after it became very difficult and Cruel and against humanity, and August 4 did not end with you, the day … We will not forget the #Beirut explosion #Port_Beirut

It is worth noting that the Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim was injured by the explosion that rocked Beirut, and she underwent a long surgery that lasted for 6 hours.

The Lebanese artist Nadine Nassib Najim published a video of her damaged house, which was completely destroyed.

A writer commented: “I thank my Lord. First of all, my creation came back and gave me a new age. The explosion was close, and the scene did not look like the story. It really follows a house and shows the blood where it was and everything is broken. He says that after us we live, thank God a thousand times.”

And she continued: “He gave me the strength, go down 22 floors barefoot and covered in blood. You can finish the present of the people, all ruined. Wounded, dead, broken cars, people screaming and crying. A car stood up and told him that your intruder helped me. Ibn Halal came to me at the first hospital they refused to receive me because it was piled up with the wounded. They gave me first aid, and I underwent a 6-hour operation because my face and body were bloody.

And Nadine added: “But what follows his lips on the ground is very difficult to describe, as if it were a nuclear bomb. Thank you, Lord, you protected me and thank God my children.
O Lord, show mercy to the dead and heal the wounded.

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Najim shared her latest appearance with her fans after she was injured in the Beirut Port explosion.

And she appeared in the picture with her two children, “Heaven” and “Jbovani,” and showed some wounds on her face that were left by the Beirut Port explosion.

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