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Khamenei mocked the US elections ...

The Supreme Leader of the Iranian Republic, Ali Khamenei, mocked the American presidential elections, describing them as a “show,” at a time when the vote counting continues in the states

The Supreme Leader of the Iranian Republic, Ali Khamenei, mocked him US presidential electionDescribing it a “show”, at a time when the counting of votes in the United States continues without a conclusive result, while outgoing President Donald Trump launched a legal battle against his rival, Joe Biden.

A message posted on the night of Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday, on Khamenei’s Twitter account in English, read: “What a review! One of them says it is the most rigged election in US history. And who says that? The current US president … his opponent says that Trump intends to rig the elections, this is the American elections, and democracy in the United States. ”
Mentioned that IranAnd the United States, who have been adversaries for more than 40 years, and there has been a major escalation between them during the past year, which raised the fear of a military conflict twice since June 2019, against the backdrop of tension in the Gulf, and because of the international agreement on the Iranian nuclear file in 2015 Which Trump withdrew from.

During the recent legislative elections in Iran, the United States announced, in February, mainly symbolic sanctions on 5 Iranian officials after excluding thousands of reformist or moderate candidates from the polls.
At the time, Treasury Secretary, Stephen Mnuchin, announced days before the vote that conservative Iranians won, without surprise, “Washington will not accept manipulating the elections to implement the malicious agenda of the Iranian regime.”
And 10 days before the November 3 maturity in the United States, the CIA accused Iran of “sending emails to intimidate voters, incite social unrest, and harm President Trump.”

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