What is Microsoft Teams and how do you use it in your work?


With so many companies relying on remote work policy, it is more important than ever to have a well-integrated and functional program that can help co-workers communicate with each other and share information – without the need for a meeting, so a program emerged Microsoft TeamsWhich allows you to easily communicate with your coworkers in one secure window.

وككن لبرنامج Teams, Slated to replace Skype for Business By July 2021, do many of the things that competitors cannot do thanks to its ability to easily integrate with Office 365 So, in addition to chatting with co-workers and creating chat rooms for smaller groups, you can also use a number of apps Office Useful, like Outlook And OneNote And Excel.

What you need to know about Microsoft Teams

When you create a new Team and add members, all of them are automatically added to the General channel, and from there you can create new channels for smaller teams or groups, which basically function as chat or different group conversations..

For example, while your public channel may include everyone in your company, you can also create specific channels for different departments, such as marketing, accounting, sales, etc.

You can also create one team for one department, if it is a larger division, and divide this team into subsections from there..

These conversations will serve as the main method of communication – although you can also message other team members privately at any time, the conversations can be searched easily, and you can even mark specific people if there is a message you want them to pay attention to.

Within these conversations, you can easily schedule and conduct conference calls with your team or channel – so midday and weekend meetings can now be held directly in the Workspace app..

Microsoft Teams works with Microsoft and third-party apps

Creating a new team also creates an organizer and group SharePoint And Office 365 And OneNote Common, and you can access all of these additional programs directly from the window Teams And allow work on documents and joint projects simultaneously, without the need to send files back and forth.

These integrated workspaces appear as tabs in a window Teams The three tabs present by default are Conversations, Files, and Notes. Files is a tab where you can open any file. Microsoft 365 You share it on the workspace, so you don’t have to keep switching windows whenever you want to work on a different project.

The notes tab is where your entire team can continue to play notes for whatever purposes they deem necessary.

Plus programs Microsoft Integrated, lets you Teams Also adding new tabs that integrate other third-party software, such as Asana or Soapbox. Even if your workplace does not use products Microsoft Exclusively organized, you can still keep everything in one stylish and comfortable window.


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