Who are the most dangerous carriers of the coronavirus?


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Who are the most dangerous carriers of the coronavirus?

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Dr. Alexander Karabenenko announced that people who have recovered from “Covid-19” and refuse to wear protective equipment pose the greatest danger to those around them.

According to him, the coronavirus infection remains in the upper part of the respiratory system even after the disease is cured.

“Above all, these are children and young people, whose country it is difficult to convince them of something,” Dr. He stressed the need for all people to wear masks, regardless of whether they are infected with the coronavirus or not.

For his part, Alexei Agranovsky, a professor of biological sciences at Moscow University, said in an interview with “Moscow Speaks” radio, that poorly ventilated places are foci of infection with the coronavirus.

He added, public transport and gyms are dangerous places as well, while parks and gardens do not pose any danger in this area.

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Signs indicate suffering from

And Dr. Vladimir Polibek, an immunologist and allergist, notes in an interview with NSN that the absence of symptoms of the disease in the affected person is the best option.

According to him, because it does not pose any danger to others in any way. He does not suffer from pain, inflammation and ill health. Therefore such persons cannot be considered ill.

A method for detecting “Covid-19” disease without symptoms
Coronavirus infection can be detected by the tests used. But regular testing of this kind is ineffective and costly. So according to experts, this test should only be performed after contact with a sick person.

Professor Alexander Chiburnov, a virologist, chief researcher at the Federal Center for Basic and Translational Medicine, confirms that tests are the only way to detect the coronavirus, and there are no other.

For his part, virologist Anatoly Altstein pointed out that the issue of the absence of symptoms of the disease in some patients has not been studied enough, and it is related to the privacy of the body and the virus itself. And these people also spread the infection.

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