Who are the “undead” who participated in the US elections?


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Saturday 14 November 2020

Washington – (BBC)
Trump supporters claimed that the votes of thousands of people were entered into the US election polling process using the names of dead people.

“I might be 72 years old, but I’m still alive and breathing. My mind is working fine and I’m in good health,” Maria Ardondo from Michigan told us when we called.

Maria explained that she had voted for Joe Biden and that she was surprised to hear that her name appeared on the list of presumed dead voters in the state.

And we spoke to other people who were in a similar situation to Marias in Michigan and found similar stories.

There were some cases in previous US elections of dead people whose names appeared as election participants.

This may occur as a result of clerical errors or perhaps the similarity of Asmaa to other family members who cast their votes in the elections, but Trump supporters claim that this happened on a large scale in this election.

We have been keen here to scrutinize this claim to discover whether there is evidence to support it.

10,000 “dead in the mail vote” in Michigan

The story begins with a list of 10,000 names that a Trump supporter tweet.

She claims these people are dead, but they voted in the polling process in the Michigan presidential election.

Such allegations have been repeated several times on various social media platforms, with some being published by Republican lawmakers.

The list of 10,000 names also includes the address or postal code of these people and the date of the day on which they handed in their ballot papers, as well as the full date of birth and the full date of death. Some of the names on the list are presumed dead 50 years ago.

And in the Michigan State database, you can just enter someone’s name, zip code, month and year of birth; Seeing that he participated in the vote in absentia (via mail) this year. So it is easy to check whether the people named on the list participated in the elections.

There are also a number of US websites that contain databases of dead records. But there was a fundamental problem with this Ten Thousand List.

Through such checking and searching, you can see some false similarities in the list. For example, someone born in January 1940 participated in voting in the elections this year, and there is someone who was born on the same date elsewhere in the United States and has the same name and is dead now. This may happen often in large countries like the United States (328 million people), and especially with similar common names.

To test the reliability of this list, we randomly selected 30 names. And to that, we added the oldest people on the list.

We were able to speak with 11 people from that list of 31 names (or with a member of the family, a neighbor, or a home care worker) to confirm that they were still alive.

As for the remaining 17 people, we did not find a general record of them confirming their death. We found clear evidence that they were alive after the Ten Thousand List claimed they were dead.

It shows us a false record form in which false information was collected to create a false similarity between people’s names, dates of death, and participation in the elections.

Officials at the local election authority said that one of the votes counted and there was no record of proving that a son participated in the elections.

In the second case, the son had actually participated in the elections, but appeared in the records in the name of his father due to a clerical error.

“It’s simply a matter of counting.”

Our selection of this list of 31 is just a small sample of the ten thousand names included in the list that was published, but it clearly reveals the flaws in this data promoted by Trump supporters.

It became clear from the conclusions of our investigation that nearly all of the 31 cases we investigated contained real data of Michigan voters that were linked with records of dead people with the same names and the same month and year of birth (not today) in other parts of the United States, in some kind of false correlation.

Professor Justin Levitt, an expert on democracy law, says: “If the list is limited to linking based on name and date of birth alone in a state the size of Michigan, we will definitely get false positives.”

It is known that approving the date of birth is a problem, as it is very likely that you will find two students in a row with the same date of birth.

So if you compare millions of voters in Michigan with the database of the dead throughout the United States, you are bound to find crosses, especially if the voter database does not include the day and not just the month in which the person was born.

“It is simply a matter of statistics, if you meet millions of records with millions of others’ records, you will get a large number of similarities or false positive intersections. We have seen the same before,” Professor Levitt asserts.

Maria Ardondo, her vote counted correctly, told us that she was looking forward to seeing a new administration for the country.

“He (Biden) was a great vice president during the Obama administration. I am glad that a heavy burden has been removed from my shoulders,” she added.

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