Yassin, with the help of an onion, awaits the analysis of Corona: “It has no taste”


The star Aser Yassin posted a short video through his account on the Instagram site through the Astori feature, while he eats an onion, and says: “It is burning, but it doesn’t taste a little,” leaving the answer to his followers about whether this means he has Corona or not, as he commented on that in writing : “The analysis is still not fresh, but the onion does not taste.”

asseryasseeeen (1)

Captiv Yassin while he eats an onion

This comes after a state of anxiety prevailed over the fans of the star, Asir Yassin, after news of his infection with the Corona virus, especially after more than one artist announced during the recent period that they had been infected with “Covid 19”, except that during special statements for “The Seventh Day” earlier the first Yesterday, he denied all reports so far regarding the health of his infection with the virus.

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Yassin’s family eats an onion

Aser Yassin confirmed at the time that he was suffering from a cold, which prompted him to conduct a swab as a precautionary measure through which to make sure whether these symptoms were related to the Corona virus or not, and so far the result has not appeared, confirming his wishes that it will be negative in the end.

On the other hand, the star, Asir Yassin, has already caught the attention while participating in the Red Carpet El Gouna Film Festival in its fourth session, where he appeared with his wife and children on more than one occasion, and recently he was keen to share the artist Doras joy of her wedding, where the pioneers of social media circulated more than one video of him While he was in joy.

And the artist Zainab Gharib revealed earlier that she was infected with the Coronavirus, through a story through her official account on the Instagram site, when she announced this by writing: “Anyone who has dealt with me directly, I wish, take the necessary precautions, I hope all people are fine.” After she announced that it became clear to her that she was positive after undergoing an analysis about the Corona virus.


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