You are on the Black Friday .. Get to know the best iPhone to buy


We review with you the best smartphones at all and with the approaching end of the year we know with us on the best devices Iphone It was launched this year. Apple is one of the most important and best companies specialized in smartphones, tablets and laptops in the world, as it is famous for having the most powerful operating system ever, “OS”, which is the best software that is a product of the fatigue of Apple and Google together.


Apple was launched on the racetrack and was able to be one of the major companies in the world that does not find a competitor on the same scale, Apple is distinguished by its self-production, all that is released is a product of the work and effort of the company and the software developers that own them, and competing companies try to imitate them, but to no avail.

Best iPhone phones in 2020

IPhone launched a number of smartphones this year, and its latest version was the iPhone 12, the most powerful phone ever this year, and here the consumer is bewildered, so how to choose between the best, especially since all iPhone phones are distinguished by elegance, sophistication and high performance as we have been accustomed to from Apple, but we gathered for you the best devices Launched in 2020, to choose the right one for you.

iPhone SE

It is the smallest phone from Apple, and it is the best solution for everyone who does not like large phones, this phone has the appropriate size for the palm of the hand, and can be handled with one hand and easy control and does not slip quickly and can be placed in the pocket and small bags.

iPhone 12

It is the most famous phone for this year from Apple, it is the most popular for iPhone fans and the best-selling, and it is one of the most easy-going phones with which to deal with great success inside and outside the United States of America.

iPhone 12 Mini

This phone has achieved very distinguished sales percentages and is a medium-sized phone, as well as a medium-sized phone, as it is not as expensive as other Apple phones.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The perfect phone for gaming fans and lovers, it is the most powerful phone with the highest performance among all categories, and it is also the perfect phone for photography fans and professionals.


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