You will not believe a doctor holding an inspection committee in Luxor inside his clinic


In a strange incident, one of the inspection committees affiliated with the Health Directorate in Luxor Governorate was subjected to the doctor closing them to the doors of his private center in order to escape after their release to several violations as a result of not being licensed to a center.

Incident details:

The details go back to the fact that the Director of Luxor Security, Major General “Issam Yassin,” received a report indicating that a committee from the Directorate of Health Affairs in the governorate had been detained inside an unlicensed center for lithotripsy of Doctor A.M., a urologist, in the city center of Luxor, during the establishment of the committee After she did it, he fled, and he imagined that he would get away with it.

When the report was made, the director of Luxor Security directed the movement of a security force and was able to storm the center and remove the committee, and a report was drawn up on the incident as the Public Prosecution conducted the investigation inside the incident.

Close Free Therapy Administration:

In the middle of last June, Luxor Governorate witnessed the incident of closing the Free Treatment Department in the Health Affairs Directorate to a medical center inside the city as well, after the director was infected with the new Corona virus “Covid 19 ″, and this was proven by medical analyzes and examination of all Doctors in Luxor Governorate, and it turned out that he had Corona and it was decided to transfer him to the quarantine hospital, but he preferred home isolation since the end of last month.

The Free Treatment Administration formed a specialized team at the time of the discovery of the incident and they wore protective suits and took all precautionary measures in order to protect themselves from infection, and they were already transferred to the doctor’s medical center in order to implement the decision to close it. A number of patients were required, and the doctor had been spoken with in order to implement the decision, and that was what had already been done and all the patients present and their accompanying relatives were taken out, and the clinic was completely closed and sealed until an unexpected surprise occurred.

After the health authorities waxed the clinic, the people in the surrounding area were surprised that the doctor infected with the Coronavirus removed the wax from his clinic after it had been closed by the administration, so he was investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s office after he violated the law


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