You will not believe who Mona Al-Shazly’s husband is .. a famous journalist


For the first time, the great media, Mona El-Shazly, spoke about her personal life in one of her episodes, during her hosting of the journalist Radwa El-Sherbiny.

Mona El-Shazly talked about her husband, and the great credit to him in her success, and how he helped her in connecting to what she is now, and El-Shazly said: “I was lucky, and a large part of my success is my husband’s support for me, and success is better when your partner is the one who loves you.

Mona added, “Success has a better taste when your partner is standing in your back. I am my success and my continuity is a big part of it as a debt to my husband, my life partner and my whole family.”

Many of us do not know who is the husband of the media, Mona El-Shazly, and surprisingly, he is a famous journalist Media producer Samir Youssef, with whom she has three daughters, including two “twins”.

Samir Youssef has a distinguished experience of more than 25 years in the field of media, establishing and managing television stations, such as Arab Art Radio and Television, Modern Sport, and Al-Nahar channels. This is in addition to his work in media production, as he is the executive producer of the program “Maakum” presented by his wife Mona Chedli.

Samir Youssef, husband of Mona El-Shazly
Samir Youssef, husband of Mona El-Shazly


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