“Your daughter or your sister?” Diana Haddad’s younger daughter shocks the audience


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Actress Diana Haddad shared video footage while dancing with her daughter in a video clip on the occasion of her birthday.

The daughter appeared at a length close to her mother «Haddad», until her daughter seemed to be her sister or friend, so the followers of her age were surprised, especially since she did not appear in clips with her over the past years.

Haddad commented on the video: “Today is the birthday of my soul and my sweetheart, the last of the cluster, Mera Mayari, who lives with her, the best days of her life and childhood. May God protect you, Mama, you and your sister, and see you the happiest people and give you all that you wish.”

The comments of the followers followed, marveling at the age of her youngest daughter, and one of the followers said: “God willing, Mimi, the chick has grown up”, and a second account continued: “Your daughter or your sister?”

Some also celebrated her daughter’s birthday, and one of the observers said: “Honey is similar to you, God willing. Happy birthday, may God bless your life.”

It is noteworthy that the artist’s last album, launched last year, is titled “Eshtuna”, and is preparing to launch a new album soon.

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