Zahi Hawass jokingly: Zamalekawi built the pyramid and won Al-Ahly at the end of the century


Dr. Zahi Hawass, an Egyptologist, rejected the idea of ​​considering the final century a war between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, stressing that Egyptians are brothers despite their different tendencies, saying in a phone call to the program of the philosopher Ayman Yunus on Radio On Sport FM: “Very pleased with the awakening of an initiative against intolerance, we are not at war And the game is not the end of the universe. Egypt has my people and your colleagues are brothers, but there is no war. ”

Zahi Hawass continued: “When the Pharaohs said Ahly Bezzar Al-Zamalekawiyya, they got upset and told them now, Zamalekawiyya, they built the Great Pyramid, and it is expected that they will win Al-Ahly. .

Earlier, Dr. Zahi Hawass, an Egyptologist, said that the Swiss Rene Fyler, the technical director of Al-Ahly, did not have a training idea and was arrogant and arrogant and failed to deal with the players, stressing that he was happy with his departure and that the humble Musimini assumed the responsibility according to what he described, saying in a telephone intervention to the philosopher’s program, “I don’t love Fyler, I don’t think. I was happy with his departure from Al-Ahly. He was not able to employ players, and Al-Ahly used to win matches during his reign based on his name only. He is an arrogant and arrogant coach who does not know how to deal with his players. ”

Zahi Hawass adds: “I lost the talented Al-Ahly, Walid Azzaro, and failed to deal psychologically with Saleh Jumaa, and I was very happy that Betso Musimani took over the task of coaching Al-Ahly, as he is a humble coach who feels he has a great acceptance, and I think he will return Walid Azaro to Al-Ahly and he will return to us the jewel of Saleh Juma.” .

And about the best players in Al-Ahly, Zahi Hawass said: “Apart from Muhammad Al-Shennawy, I like Amr Al-Soliya, who has a steady level, and Bateer Ahmed Al-Sheikh is the most grieving player in Al-Ahly, because they are upset when they say he will be loaned out. This boy is excellent, but there is no coach who can employ him right, they play him for minutes. Just a player with the highest level. “

Zahi Hawass added, “Brdo in a player in Al-Ahly, you know how to get, for example, Geraldo does not fit Al-Ahly’s flannel, and Badji is playing in a popular arena, and he likes me from outside Al-Ahly, Mostafa Mohamed, an excellent striker who can play in Europe easily.


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