Zamalek and Al-Raja match … Special tasks for Zizou, Bin Sharqi and Mustafa Mohamed


The Portuguese Jaime Pacheco has assigned the trio Ahmed Sayed Zizou, Ashraf Bin Sharqi and Mustafa Mohamed, the Zamalek players, with some special tasks in the Moroccan Raja match scheduled for tomorrow in the second leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, where Pacheco asked Ahmed Sid Zizou and Bin Sharqi to move quickly without a ball to open spaces for their teammates In Raja defenses, as well as payment outside the box.

Pacheco asked Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of the team, not to return to support the midfielders in defensive tasks, and he must commit to permanent presence inside the penalty area to prevent Raja defenders, especially Badr Bannon, from advancing and performing the offensive duty.

The Portuguese Jaime Pacheco also issued a warning to the defending and midfield players in the Zamalek team, as Pacheco asked the defending players to focus throughout the match and not to give the opponent the opportunity to get errors in the area surrounding the Zamalek penalty area.

Pacheco also asked the midfielders two basic tasks during the match, the first of which was to pressure the opponent from the middle of his stadium, as well as providing defensive support to the defense players more than the offensive role of the midfielders.

In the same context, Pacheco is holding a technical lecture for the players of the semi-team after the training session that will start this afternoon, where Pacheco explains in today’s lecture the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent by presenting the first two teams’ match that was held in Casablanca, which ended with Zamalek winning with a clean goal scored by Ashraf bin Sharqi.

Pacheco also explains the mistakes that Zamalek players made, which led to threatening Mohammed Abu Jabal, the team’s goalkeeper, in more than one opportunity.

On the other hand, Youssef Obama, the Zamalek striker, returns to participate in the group training of his team after the Raja match, and Obama will miss the next match due to a knee injury that led to his failure to join tomorrow’s match, and the player got a break from group training with the team, provided that he performs a rehabilitation program Especially under the supervision of Alaa Shaker, a specialist in rehabilitating the former national team, until the team returns to training after the Moroccan Raja match.


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