Zamalek doctor: We preferred to rest Onajem


Mohamed Osama, head of the medical staff of the Zamalek team, confirmed that Moroccan Mohamed Onagem suffered a slight pull in the front muscle before the start of the Egyptian Club match in the Egypt Cup.

The technical staff made sure that the player was comfortable and not participating in the match, as his injury did not worsen before facing Al-Ahly in the final of the African Champions League.

The player is scheduled to enter a qualifying program in the coming days in preparation for the African Champions League Final.

Osama said in statements after the match: “Onajem was in his last session playing normally, but he was complaining of a slight tension. In agreement with the technical staff, we did a test for him and we preferred to rest him and not risk him.”

Regarding Hazem Imam’s position, the Zamalek doctor confirmed that the player underwent two scans, the result was negative, and he underwent a series of tests that proved his safety, and he will be present in the team camp normally.

He explained that Mohamed Abdel Shafi, the left back of Zamalek, will not join group training until after he has fully recovered, and this has not happened yet, so he will not be in the Al-Ahly match.

And he went on to talk about the physical condition of Omar Al-Saeed, stressing that the Zamalek player continues his rehabilitation program set for him after his injury to the posterior muscle, and he is now in the final qualifying stage and will be with us during the coming period.

And he concluded: “We took care of all the precautionary and medical measures in the team camp, and it was agreed with a special chef to be with us in the camp, in addition to reserving the club for a full role in the residence hotel to avoid mixing between the players and any people in the hotel.”


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