Zamalek is in the foreground … Learn about 6 topics that Egyptians searched yesterday on Google


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Zamalek, Valentine’s Day, US elections, Netflix, Cabinet decisions today, today’s weather.

Google is considered the largest search engine in the world, as the difference between it and the rest of the other search engines is wide. Google records 67 billion visits per month, according to Similer Web’s statistics.

We review with you the largest searches that occurred yesterday on the famous search site “Google” in Egypt:

ZamalekIn the midst of the African Champions League soccer championship, Zamalek club hosted the Moroccan club Raja, in the African Champions League semi-final match, at the Cairo International Stadium.

Zamalek club received many congratulations by reaching the African Champions League final to meet Al-Ahly in the final match.

St. Valentine’s dayCelebrate Egyptians Valentine’s Day, November 4, when Google searches increased with the word “Valentine’s Day” or Valentine’s Day “On this day, lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine’s Day cards, gifting flowers or sweets to their loved ones, and by phone messages.

There is no proven and accurate version of the year in which the celebration of Valentine’s Day was invented around the world.

American ElectionsSearches for the latest numbers of the race towards the White House increased, as the US elections topped search engines after the escalation of the conflict between Trump AndBiden In the US presidential election.

Netflix, the series Beyond Nature, is showing its first Egyptian series, which is where the digital broadcasting platform begins NetflixThursday, in the presentation of the episodes of the series “Beyond Nature”, her first Egyptian work, in a major step in the digital broadcasting service strategy for the Middle East.

Cabinet decisions todayToday, the Council of Ministers issued difficult economic decisions and fines to confront a pandemic CoronaThe Egyptians were keen to search for it.

The weather todayAfter the fluctuations of the weather these days, and the fall of rain in many Egyptian governorates, including torrential rains in Alexandria .. and sanitation emergencies, citizens search for the weather almost daily.

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