Zamalek misfortune that he clashed with Al-Ahly


Sherif Abdel-Fadil, a former Al-Ahly player, confirmed that Zamalek was deserving of reaching the African Champions League final, but he had bad luck that he clashed with the Red Castle club, which he described as the real champion.

Al-Ahly club was crowned the ninth championship in its history with the African Champions League title, after defeating its traditional rivals Zamalek, with two goals to one goal in the final match that was held on Friday evening, at the Cairo International Stadium.

Abdel-Fadil said in exclusive statements to Lilakora: “We wanted the ninth championship and this tournament proved that Al-Ahly Club is the true club of the century, and has proven well that it is the number one in everything throughout history, and I congratulate everyone who is based on this system, and that this tournament is the beginning of the new “.

He added: “Al-Ahly advanced in the match with an early goal and then relatively retreated and wanted to secure the match, and then Zamalek really controlled the match and was able to return to the match quickly, and Shikabala was able to score a goal with his skill and he is a great and very skilled player, and he made a good match and Zamalek is a respectable team and deserves to be present.” In the final of the African Champions League, but his bad luck was that he clashed with Al-Ahly, the “real champion”.

Abdel-Fadil continued his remarks: “I had said before the match that two things would decide the match in favor of Al-Ahly. The first thing was Muhammad Magdi“ Afsha ”and that it would be a reason for winning and scoring a goal in the match, and the second thing was the spirit of the Al-Ahly club and that appeared during the second half and began to dominate the match. Zamalek began to retreat, and Al-Ahly wanted to win, so it gave up the retreat it was in. ”

The former Al-Ahly defender continued: “Musimane is relatively late in some changes, but he has a better technical vision and knows the capabilities of the players that he has, and was able to present a big match, and he is unlike Rene Fyler who liked to make certain changes in the big matches to change the shape of the match, but Musimani liked to Each player plays in his position and does not like to make a sudden change because this change surprises the player himself, and Musimane was able to manage the game in a wonderful way. ”

Abdel-Fadil concluded his remarks, saying: “There is no single champion of the match, but all the players are the champions of the match, because the pressure that was on them is very great from the crowd, and I know this because I played two final matches against Orlando and Tunisias Esperance, and this African final did not happen before it was present. Two teams from one country in the continent of Africa in the African final, but Al-Ahly is always the one ahead of everyone. ”


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