Zidane’s first comment after Real Madrid fell into their home against Alaves


Zidane's first comment after Real Madrid fell into their home against Alaves


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane, the French, expressed his annoyance at the sudden loss of his team against its guest Alaves, 1-2, on Saturday, in the 11th round of the Spanish Football League.

Zidane said in statements carried by the Spanish newspaper “Marca”: “I do not have an explanation, and we share good and bad moments, and when the opponent scores a goal five minutes after the start of the match, things become more complicated.”

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In his own home, Real Madrid defeated Alaves (video)

He added, “In the last match against Inter Milan (in the Champions League) we played well, but not today (yesterday). I have no explanation for that.”

He continued: “We must continue to work hard to allow our players to regain fitness and change our game system.”

With this loss, Real Madrid froze at 17 points in fourth place, and continued bleeding points, while Alaves raised his score to 13 points in eighth place.

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