Ziyad Bin Nahit: My movie “123 Action”, Breaking the World


Amira Khaled (Echo):

A video clip published by social media activist Ibrahim Al-Asiri through his account on the Snapchat application showed him the actor and poet Ziyad Bin Nahit, the latter talking about his latest movie Action 123, which is his first movie participation.

Ziyad bin Nahit joked with his friend Ibrahim al-Asiri, saying: “I did not bless me for my film that broke the world.” So it was not for the last to say to him, laughing: “Congratulations .. By God, we learn from you and benefit from you and find.

Ziad bin Nahit’s statement about the success of the film in which he starred surprised the pioneers of social media and ridiculed some of them.

Earlier, Ziad Bin Nahit, the hero of “123 Action”, criticized the accounts that faced the film’s screening with a sharp attack, referring to the film’s failure to show and poor turnout.


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