Brother of the “Alexandria Scaffold Girl”: “She suffers from hemiplegia … and needs treatment at the state’s expense.”


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Mustafa Hanafi, the brother of Amira, the girl who had an accident that had a “scaffold” fall on her while entering the medical complex in Alexandria, said that Amira is currently suffering from “hemiplegia” and “involuntary urination,” saying: “We don’t want anything we want to treat. It remains at the expense of the state. ”

Hanafi added, in a phone call to the “Happening in Egypt” program, presented by journalist Sherif Amer, on the MBC Egypt screen today, Tuesday, that as far as hospitals are concerned, doctors sympathize with us to the extreme, saying: “Cut out the best of doctors,” indicating that His sister receives the required medical care.

For his part, Dr. Wael Nabil, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University, said that the Faculty of Medicine fully takes care of any medical procedure in favor of a princess, whether inside or outside university hospitals, explaining that he contacted Amira’s fiance and informed him of this.

“Nabil” added that Dr. Abdulaziz Qanswa, President of Alexandria University, contacted the company responsible for restoration at the university, which is currently carrying out restoration work, and informed her that any kind of treatment inside or outside Egypt would be undertaken by the company.

“Nabil” asserted that after a princess recovered from her health condition, her place at work at the Faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University is present.

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