FilGoal | News | Al Ittihad of Alexandria is protesting against Maarouf: We demand justice absent from our matches


Al-Ittihad of Alexandria lodged an official protest against the ruling of their Egyptian Cup semi-final match against Al-Ahly, Mohamed Maarouf.

Al-Ittihad of Alexandria said in an official statement: “The management of Al-Ittihad Alexandria Club sent an official protest to the Egyptian Football Association against the refereeing team for a match yesterday in front of Al-Ahly Club, which was managed by referee Mohamed Maarouf, who was not successful at all and took many decisions that hurt the Al-Ittihad Alexandria team despite Availability of video judgment technology. ”

The statement added, “The most prominent of these errors is the retreat of the referee of the match against counting a correct penalty kick for Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria. The televised replay proved that the violation came from inside the penalty area, as well as the referee neglecting the failure to count a clear error for our team and counting a corner kick that caused an illegal goal for the opposing team.”

And he added, “And as everyone, whether critics or analysts, and even rulers, acknowledged the violations that have been referred to beyond any room for doubt that Al-Ittihad Alexandria Club has been subjected to a clear injustice that does not accept skepticism, commitment and patience in making fateful decisions has limits, but in light of the poor level of arbitration and this Image, there will certainly be a reaction in light of the moral commitment of the club’s board of directors towards its large fans, who feel extremely resentful of the many injustices that their team is constantly exposed to.

The club’s statement added, “The Board of Directors of the Alexandria Club demands that the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Football Association direct the referees committee to the need to review and evaluate the referees, especially for crucial matches, and to inform everyone within the system that there is a review and the imposition of penalties on everyone who proves and confirms that he was not successful in His decisions and harm any team in the competition. ”

He concluded the statement: “The club’s management will defend its rights and its great fans, regardless of the cost, and that all options are on the table in this file, which Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria has suffered in recent years.”

Al-Ahly beat Al-Ittihad of Alexandria with two goals in the Egyptian Cup semi-finals, to qualify for the final to face Al-Jaysh Al-Jaish. (See details)


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