FilGoal | News | The Liverpool legend: Al Nani deserved to be sent off … and Wenger should be asked about that


Graeme Souness, the legend of Liverpool, opened fire on Egyptian international Mohamed El-Niny, the Arsenal player.

Neni participated in Arsenal’s surprise loss at home to Burnley on SundayAnd Souness thinks he was deserving of a ban for the yellow card shot, before Pierre Aubameyang scored a few seconds into his net.

Souness said via Sky Sports, criticizing Mikel Arteta: “He organized his team defensively and chose the Nene for the role of the observer in the set balls. In contrast, the Nene ignored the ball completely and kept staring at the player who was observing him and pushed him to the ground, then fell claiming that he was the one who was pushed, it was necessary.” To be kicked out in that shot. “

He continued: “Who decided that Nini can be one of the observers in fixed situations? If he does this act once, then he should not watch any players again.”

He added, “This boy is 28 years old. One of the coaching staff must have seen this shot and told the coach that they must change supervision. Have you ever associated with a player who did a similar thing? Personally, I have not seen a similar thing.”

He continued, “At the age of fifteen or sixteen, you learn how to watch players. Do not tell me that Neni has not observed players in set balls before.”

He continued: “They could have played with nine players, in my opinion they were worth playing with nine.”

And he turned to criticize Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal coach: “Arsene Wenger should be asked about that, because he is the one who contracted him.”

“Those who worked with him for a while should tell him how to watch the players,” he said.

Arsenal had to play with 10 men since the 58th minute after Swiss Granit Xhaka was sent off.

Before the Nene got a yellow card in the 73rd minute after a tug of war with James Tarcowski inside the penalty area, before the corner kick was scored from which the game’s only goal was scored.

Burnley coach Sean Diitch commented on that shot after the meeting, saying: “If Chhaka got a red card, I don’t know how the ni was not sent off.”

This season, Al Nani participated in 14 matches and scored one goal in the European League competition.


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