Home colors | American billionaire Muhammad Hadid from the heart of the pyramids: among my family and friends


The Palestinian-American billionaire, Muhammad Hadid, visited the Giza pyramids and the Great Sphinx during his current trip to Egypt, to attend the opening of the 42nd edition of the Cairo International Film Festival.

Hadid documented, part of his trip, with a group of pictures that he reviewed through his own account on the “Instagram” website, while some followers, after publishing the pictures, greeted him with welcome comments, most of which came in the context: “Welcome to Egypt, but Gigi and Bella are not answering with you. “.

Muhammad Hadid published pictures from inside the pyramids area and in front of the Sphinx, and also posted a video, riding a horse, commenting: “A real Egyptian day among my family and friends.”

On Wednesday, the American billionaire of Palestinian origins appeared at the opening of the Cairo Film Festival, which witnessed the honoring of a number of stars, and published a video of the concert, through his account on “Instagram”, commenting: “On the other side of reality.”

Muhammad Hadid was born in the Palestinian city of Nazareth on November 6, 1948, and then emigrated with his family from Palestine to Syria, and from there to the United States to make glory in it with hard work and perseverance.

Hadid joined North Carolina State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, and began his career in an equipment import company for the Middle East, but he faced many legal issues regarding his financial obligations with it later, and then worked in the purchase, modification and sale of cars in Washington, USA.

Hadid married Mary Butler twice, with whom he had two daughters, Marielle and Alana Hadid, and then separated in 1992, but they are still close friends.

His second marriage was in 1994, to Yolanda Van Den Harik, model and TV personality in the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. He had two children with her, Bella, and Gigi Hadid, the most famous current model, and Anwar Hadid, who is also modeling.


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