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Almost a week spent Hany Abdul Tawab, an English language teacher in middle school, inside the intensive care corridors, in a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, after he was shot at the hands of his Saudi students. Finally, he breathed his last this evening.

Teacher friend: His family are asking for retribution and his body

The news of the death of the young man in his thirties, Hani Abd Al-Tawab, fell as a shock to his family and wife residing in the village of Nazla in the Fayoum governorate, according to what Ahmed Mahmoud, his neighbor and student in the village, narrated during his conversation with “Al-Watan”, saying: “His people are in a difficult situation and they don’t know what to do .. what they think Now, when his body will come out at a difficult time. ”

The son of the Fayoum governorate left him behind a wife and two children in the cradle after 4 years of exile, according to his neighbor, pointing out that his family has everything that retribution desires, in addition to the speedy intervention of the Egyptian embassy to end the procedures for his body’s return and burial in his country, especially since the matter is difficult with the stopping of air traffic In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as precautionary measures against the emerging corona virus.

The accident occurred when “Hani” left the school and was surprised by a bullet in the head that came from a pistol of one of his Saudi students, after an altercation erupted between them in the classroom. To wait for his mentor outside, especially as he is known for his criminal acts.

The teacher’s friend narrated that the two criminals were arrested by the Saudi police, who are two brothers, and the younger one of them confessed to committing the crime, while the older brother was released, pointing out: “Two sons took him to the hospital and fled, and when he arrived, his health condition was deteriorating and he was transferred to Riyadh Hospital, which is In a deplorable condition, until he breathed his last.

On the social networking site “Facebook”, Abdullah Abdel Wahab, cousin of the late teacher, appealed to the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh to move quickly in the procedures, adding: “Hani is 35 years old and has two children. Please move for the sake of these two young people, his wife and his parents.”

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