Important features that may be acquired by upcoming iPad computers


Important features that may be acquired by upcoming iPad computers

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Leaked to some websites and Internet pages information revealing some of the features that will come in computers iPad Pro that will be launched by Apple next year.

According to the leaks, the iPad Pro will be the first computers that Apple releases to work with 5G networks, and it is also supposed to come with advanced A14X processors that will make its performance significantly faster compared to the current iPad devices.

The other important thing in these devices, according to expectations, is that they will get new OLED screens from Samsung and LG, using mini-LED technology in their backlight, which gives them great brightness and accuracy in displaying pictures and videos.

The website DigiTimes, a specialist in technology and electronics, had indicated some time ago that Apple is working to develop new technologies that will allow iPad computers to work with fifth-generation cellular networks, and these technologies adopt AiP that supports the high-speed mmWave frequencies, to be similar in its mechanism to the technologies available in iPhones. Last.

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It is expected that at least one of the upcoming iPad models will get a smart pen that allows writing and drawing on the screen, and that its cameras will be equipped with face recognition to unlock the screen and protect data.

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