Now the Turkish ATV series “Resurrection of the Founder, Othman 36” dubbed “Love Story” followed exciting and interesting events


Millions are awaiting the date of the new episode of the Founder Othman series 36 on the satellite channels, because the previous episodes have achieved great success at the level of the entire Arab world, and there will be a wait to know the rest of the events and complete the historical Turkish drama, and it may be based on this historical work. The heroes are actor Sarukhan Honel and actor Burak Ozgivit, as well as actor Ismail Hakki Oron, actor Ozge Turar and actor Noureddine Sonmaz, and there will be historical conflict and wars throughout the coming episodes.

The founder, the Resurrection of Othman 36

ويكون The series, the Resurrection of Othman 36 Mdbalij is a continuation of the events of the resurrection of Artgrel bin Suleiman Shah, and all the events will revolve around wars and conflicts to establish the Ottoman Empire at the hands of Othman bin Artgrel bin Suleiman Shah, as the last episode of the founder of Othman 35 ended on a conflict between Othman and Nicolas and Othman managed to get rid of him inside the castle.

The Love Story website displays the series The Resurrection of Othman 36 through its official website, dubbed in Arabic, after the end of the episode on the Turkish atv channel, and you will watch for two hours.

The timing of viewing the Resurrection of Othman 36

The first episodes of the series, the Resurrection of Othman, Part Two, were shown at the end of December 2019, and there were situations of anticipation to watch the new episode, through the frequency of the Algerian, Turkish and Yarmouk channels Al-Fajr, the Turkish atv and Yarmouk, and the love story website, and the frequency of those channels will be listed:

Turkish atv channel frequency

  • Satellite: Nilesat.
  • Frequency: 10796
  • Coding rate: 27500
  • Polarization: horizontal.

Algerian Al-Fajr channel frequency

  • The frequency is 10922 on Nilesat.
    • The error correction factor is 4/3.
    • The coding rate is 27500.
    • Polarization is horizontal.

The Yarmouk channel frequency

the channelFrequencyCodingError correction ratethe qualityThe satellitePolarization rate
Jordan Yarmouk Channel12687The coding rate reaches 27,500The correction rate is 3/4The quality is in sd formatNile SatHorizontal rate


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