Pyramids: We did not offer 30 million to join Mustafa Mohamed


Amr Bassiouni, director of contracts at Pyramids Club, confirmed that Mostafa Mohamed and Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the Zamalek duo, were distinguished players, but the club did not enter into negotiations with their club to obtain their services.

Bassiouni said in statements to the Tala fans program on Ontime Sports: “Mostafa Mohamed and Zizou are two distinguished players, but entering into negotiations with them is not available now.

He added that the contracts of Zizou and Mustafa Mohamed are still valid with Zamalek, and Pyramids did not request a contract with the Zamalek striker for 30 million pounds, as some say.

He explained that the value traded by some for Pyramids to enter negotiations to obtain Mustafa Mohamed is incorrect, and the number is from the imagination of the information owner.

He continued: “Those who repeat this information are wrong, and Mustafa Muhammad is not currently available in the transfer market, and we are not a fan club, and our relationship is distinctive with Zamalek.”

He stressed that it had not happened before that Zamalek entered into negotiations with any player without the knowledge of his club, and it is impossible for us to negotiate with the player before returning to his club.

He continued, “The value of 30 million pounds for a contract with Mustafa Mohamed is a number that is not present in the Egyptian market.”

And he concluded his remarks: “Only one player from Zamalek that we talked about is Hamdi Al-Wensh, but the response came as a refusal and adherence to the team’s need for its services at the present time.”


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