Researchers warn of home cleaning robots spying on their owners


A group of researchers and technical experts led by Assistant Professor of Computing Science at the University of Maryland, Nirupam Roy, has warned that home cleaning robots may be used to spy on homeowners, according to Russia Today.

The experts indicated that they came to these conclusions during a study they conducted to verify the safety of the techniques of this type of household electrical appliances, and during the study it was found to them that these machines depend in their movement inside homes or rooms on laser beams that are reflected from things to determine their direction and not hit any surface. However, the beams of these rays are affected by the surrounding sound waves, which may cause a slight change in their reflected beams.

Based on these data, experts were able to develop digital algorithms called LidarPhone, and these algorithms can process data and sounds that may surround the places of these robots, and have the ability to even process sounds caused by human speech with almost 90% accuracy.

The study authors believe that this type of algorithm may be used by some to turn robotic vacuum cleaners into tools to spy on users in homes, offices, companies, or other places.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, half of the children surveyed said that they felt hurt when they were spied on, and that they were less able to talk to their parents about the challenges they face online.


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