Russian scientist reveals how the sun began to threaten the earth and the future fate of humanity


The Director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Anatoly Petrokovich, announced today, Wednesday, that the sun has lived half its life and will begin to threaten the Earth with a temperature rise within a few hundred million years. “Our star when it was born was cooler than Now, over time, it gradually heats up and the radiation flow from it increases. ”The Russian expert added,“ According to modern concepts, the sun will begin to threaten the earth within a few hundred million years, because the heat flow that will come from it will become excessive in relation to the modern climate of the earth.

He pointed out that humanity still has a lot of time to solve this problem in some way, for example, by regulating the atmosphere, or moving from Earth to another planet, and Petrokovic explained that the sun lived about 4.5 billion years and remains about the same time period in Its current state, saying: “This is a typical life cycle for such a star, and when it comes to its final stage, it will start to transform into a red giant, expand and possibly swallow up the Earth.”

Our sun, like all stars, works through the fusion of hydrogen into heavier elements, and nuclear fusion not only makes stars shine, but is also a fundamental source of the chemical elements that make up the world around us, and much of our understanding of stellar fusion comes from theoretical models of the atomic nucleus, but to the nearest Our star, there is another source: the neutrinos that were created in the core of the sun, according to Sputnik.

And when atomic nuclei undergo fusion, they produce not only high-energy gamma rays, but also neutrinos, and as gamma rays heat the interior of the sun over thousands of years, the neutrinos leave the sun at nearly the speed of light, according to Russia Today.

Solar neutrinos were first discovered in the 1960s, but it was difficult to know much about them other than the fact that they were emitted from the sun, and according to the theory, the predominant form of fusion in the sun should be the fusion of protons that produce helium from hydrogen, known as the pp chain, which is the easiest reaction Created by the stars.


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