The release of all suspects of “Shikabala Video” in Al-Buhaira governorate


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Counselor Karim Zayan, President of Itay Al-Baroud Misdemeanor Court, decided to release the defendants in the “Shikabala Video” incident with the guarantee of their places of residence, and who were accused of bullying the player Mahmoud Abdel-Razek and reading Al-Fatihah on his soul at the graves after celebrating Al-Ahly club’s victory over Zamalek club in a regular final match African Champions.

Counselor Muhammad Al-Shafei, head of the Itay Al-Baroud partial prosecution in Al-Buhaira governorate, decided to imprison 13 defendants in the incident of bullying Mahmoud Abdel-Razek “Shikabala” for 4 days pending investigations, after they were accused of appearing in a video clip in front of graves reading Al-Fatiha in the spirit of Shikabala, and he decided to display the video on Artistic works to identify the people in it.

The Itay Baroud Prosecutor had conducted the investigation with the defendants in the memorandum issued by the assistant of the investigator of Itay Al-Baroud police station against a number of young men from the village of Kafr El Sheikh Makhlouf of the Itay Al-Baroud Center, accusing them of bullying Shikabala and filming in front of the village graves during that .. The video clip spread on one of the pages. Facebook, 13 of the youths, including 2 of those responsible for the page that published the video, were charged.

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