Zamalek reach a preliminary agreement to contract with Ahmed Al-Sheikh


A source in the Zamalek Football Committee revealed that the club had reached an initial agreement with Ahmed Al-Sheikh, the Al-Ahly player, to join him during the current period, after the Portuguese coach Pacheco, the team’s coach, agreed to contract with the red team playmaker in a free transfer deal after his departure from the red team.

The source confirmed that the last hours witnessed a session with the player during which the details of the player’s transfer to the white team were agreed upon, and the matter will be presented to the temporary committee to manage the club.

The source added that the sheikh signed the transfer contracts for the team, and the deal will not be announced until after the approval of the temporary committee to manage the club in the current period, especially since there is a member of the committee who was opposed to the deal due to the player’s refusal to move to Zamalek before and his preference for Al-Ahly.

Ahmed Al-Sheikh, the former Al-Ahly star, confirmed that he had not criticized Zamalek before, and I bet with anyone who appears to me with a statement that I attacked the White Castle.

The Sheikh stressed, in exclusive statements to Sada Al-Balad, that he sacrificed half of the Pyramids’ money in order to join Al-Ahly Club.

He continued: I hope to join Zamalek club and wear its shirt in the new season, after negotiations conducted by officials of the White Castle recently.

He added: Zamalek is no less than Al-Ahly club, and I dream of achieving championships with the White Castle.

Portuguese coach Jimmy Pacheco, coach of Zamalek club, agreed to Ahmed El Sheikh joining the white team, after his contract with Al-Ahly was recently terminated.

Sada al-Balad learned that the Portuguese had agreed to join the player during the current transfers period, and that only remains to negotiate with the player by the temporary committee responsible for managing the club headed by Counselor Ahmed Al-Bakri and the Football Committee headed by Ayman Younes.

Zamalek club officials decided to amend the contract of Mahmoud Al-Wensh, the defender of the white team, in light of the good levels that the player offers with the white team in the recent period, and his appearance at a good level with the White Castle, especially as the administration seeks to keep the player for a long time with the team.

At the same time, Zamalek is seeking to amend the contract of Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, the left-back for the white team during the current period, especially as he gets a small fee, like the rest of the team’s players’ contracts.

The first football team of Zamalek Club will resume its training tomorrow, Saturday afternoon, at the Abdullatif Aburjila Stadium at the White Castle, following the negative respite that the team’s coach, Jaime Pacheco, gave to the players.

Moroccan Hamid Haddad, the team’s player, is scheduled to attend training tomorrow, after returning from loan to Raja Moroccan.

For his part, Abdel Halim Ali, the team’s football manager, confirmed that he is confident in the technical staff and players to overcome this period, and that everyone knows the extent of responsibility

On their shoulders, adding that all means of support and the appropriate climate will be provided, in order for the team to go well during the coming period.


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