10 tubes exploded … Providence is saving the pioneers of “Ismailism.”


6:31 PM

Friday 22nd January 2021

Ismailia – Hossam El Din Ahmed:

The civil defense personnel in Ismailia controlled the fire, which was caused by the explosion of a truck loaded with butane cylinders, and the road was opened to traffic again, and the accident resulted in the injury of the driver and the car was completely charred.

The governorate’s operations room had received a notification from the car drivers on the road that a truck had turned over and ignited, and the civil defense personnel moved to the site of the fire near the toll gate in the direction of Ismailia.

The initial inspection stated that the cause of the car’s overturn and the occurrence of the fire was the explosion of the front tire, which led to the steering wheel misalignment in the driver’s hand and the car veering to the right of the road, and turning on the sand.

The Ismailia Traffic Department closed the road temporarily until the fire was brought under control and the fire was extinguished, in order to protect the lives of the citizens, as 10 cylinders filled with gas exploded out of the total car load of 250 cylinders, and the remaining cylinders were recovered and cooled so as not to explode.

Seven fire engines participated in putting out the fire, including a tank car, while the Ismailia ambulance facility paid 3 cars in anticipation of any casualties.

An official source in Ismailia governorate said that the car bears number plates “I AM 7624” coming from the filling plant for butane cylinders in the tenth of Ramadan, heading to the Serapeum warehouse in the 86 km desert. The driver of the car was taken into custody to investigate the incident.

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