3 obstacles threatening the transfer of Mohamed Salah to the Spanish football giants Real Madrid and Barcelona


Associated with the name of the star Mohamed Salah The top scorer of the English club Liverpool, during the past few days, to move to the Spanish League through the Real Madrid or Barcelona portal, amid news of the pharaoh’s anger over several things within his team, most notably the failure to obtain the captain’s armband in the Danish Maitland match in the Champions League, other than the Reds administration’s failure to open a file Renewing him with a contract that extends for more years, although he is tied until 2023 with the champion of the last version of the league, where his annual salary is estimated at 23 million euros.

Mohamed Salah’s association with the Spanish League is not a coincidence, especially since there are concerns in the past two years with the player, but according to the Spanish newspapers, Mohamed Salah has postponed a contract with him by the Real Madrid administration as a result of setting the condition for the Pharaoh’s continuity in shining in the English stadiums, which has become clear on the ground after He has dominated the scorers’ rankings in the past two seasons, in addition to the current season, which he leads with 13 goals.

Despite the media momentum after the player’s statements in an interview with the Spanish newspaper “AS” the possibility of his departure to the Spanish League, especially since the matter is in the hands of his club, Liverpool, but there are obstacles that may dissipate his dreams of moving to La Liga, whether with Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Extremely complex economic conditions

International clubs, specifically Barcelona and Real Madrid, are suffering after their stadiums were closed for months due to the new Corona virus, which increased the decline in club income, in addition to the decrease in television broadcasting rights and other matters that contributed to the two giants taking successive decisions to reduce players’ wages by different rates.

And he stressed the difficult economic conditions, the statements made by Lionel Messi in his last television interview in which he ruled out making any contracts inside Barca in response to his desire for the arrival of the Brazilian Neymar, which will make the club management never think about Mohamed Salah, whose marketing value reaches 120 million euros. Only 8 million behind Neymar, the deal the Argentine flea favors.

Austerity measures continued inside the Catalan castle, as the club’s management began granting some of its players the freedom to leave on loan in the winter transfers to lift the financial pressure due to the salaries.

The same is the case where the royal club lives a difficult financial life, as the relationship with the leader Sergio Ramos reached a dead end due to its inability to pay a large salary to a player whose contract expires at the end of the current season and the same current Luka Modric and Lucas Vasquez, which threatens the possibility of Florentino Perez’s management paying any huge money to include a player The value of Mohamed Salah.

Coutinho dispels Salah’s dreams

When the Brazilian Coutinho contracted with Barcelona, ​​the management of the Liverpool club placed a clause in the contract for a period of 3 years requiring the Catalan club to pay 100 million euros if it wanted to include any other player, which pays Mohamed Salah to wait for the next season where the period of the strange item has ended, especially since Barcelona will not He can pay an additional 100 million to the value of Mohamed Salah, which was previously done with Luis Suarez, who prompted the Catalan club management to wait before contracting the currently injured Brazilian player.

Mohammed Salah salary

Mohamed Salah’s salary is one of the high salaries in the five major leagues, especially as he is one of the best players in the world and any club that might seek to include him will have to incur a lot, which amounts to 23 million euros per season, which will be a hindrance to the player in reaching any of the The two clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid during the current period.


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