51 years since the “Shedwan” saga … the story of 6 hours of resistance and defeat of the Israeli aggression


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Today, Friday, January 22, 51 years mark the anniversary of the participation of the children of Hurghada, fishermen of the armed forces, in repelling the Israeli aggression on Shedwan Island, in January 1970, facing the beach of Hurghada, which is the date of the annual celebration of the National Day of the Red Sea Governorate.

The Red Sea Governorate has taken the battle day as its national holiday, to celebrate it annually and open a number of service projects and honor the participants in the battle or the families of the martyrs, and Major General Amr Hanafi, Governor of the Red Sea, placed wreaths of flowers on the memorial to the martyrs of the battle. The battle of Shadwan Island is the most important historical occasion in the governorate, and the victory over the enemy forces, with the participation of most of the fishermen families in Hurghada.

The area of ​​the island is 70 km, and it is located between the entrances to the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea and includes a lighthouse for guiding ships, which is 35 km from Hurghada and 325 km from the city of Suez, and the fighting continued for a full 6 hours between the Israeli parachute battalion and the Egyptian Thunderbolt Company, and the governorate established a monument A memorial to the martyrs of the battle in addition to a tourist village and a primary school to commemorate this day.

The island witnessed a popular epic, in which the people of the Red Sea Governorate shared with the soldiers of the armed forces the steadfastness against the occupation forces, and the historical information about the Shedwan battle indicates that the Israeli enemy forces carried out a massive attack on the island by air and sea, as well as attacked the homes of civilians who run the lighthouse and there was a group A small Egyptian thunderbolt from the sea and land guarding the lighthouse, which is located south of the island, and despite the Israeli aircraft being intercepted by air and “launching” them by sea, the people of the governorate did not abandon their forces and delivered ammunition, supplies and weapons in fishing boats from Hurghadas beach to Shadwan Island.

The fighting continued between the Israeli paratroopers battalion and the Egyptian Thunderbolt personnel who fought the battle valiantly and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy forces, and the Egyptian air defense units managed to shoot down two enemy planes, the Mirage and Skyhawks, and the enemy kept advancing to storm the sites of the guard force in the south of the island. And they were asking the Egyptian force to surrender, and despite the heavy air bombardment, the Egyptian forces refused to surrender and fought valiantly and bravely. The enemy continued its attempts to control the island and prevent the supply that comes to the Egyptian soldiers through the sea, but they failed despite their numerical superiority, the violent air bombardment and the many supplies that were coming to them, and after that the Israeli forces, which are estimated by a whole battalion of paratroopers, were forced to withdraw from the parts they occupied from the island, On the day after the fighting, on Friday, January 23, the Egyptian air force bombed the sites that the enemy could reach on the island of Shadwan, while our naval forces carried out the work of strengthening the Egyptian force on the island, which led to the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the island.

Egyptian military records mention that the battle of Shadwan Island witnessed clashes between a company of the Egyptian Thunderbolt Division and a battalion of Israeli paratroopers in an epic battle that added a line in the record of the immortal championships of the Egyptian army, and its brave men. The battles of the war of attrition were taking place between the Israeli forces and our armed forces, in several locations along the front, and the Israelis attacked the island at dawn on Thursday, January 22, 1970.

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