8 letters by the artist Mina Masoud, the hero of the movie “Aladdin” about Egypt and the pyramids … I know what he said


Egyptian international star Mina Masoud, hero of the famous Disney movie “Aladdin”, visited the pyramids area in Giza, as part of his visit to Egypt, which includes visiting a number of prominent tourist attractions.

After the visit, the world star Mina Masoud presented several messages from the pyramids expressing the extent of his love for his country, loyalty, support and love for her, as these messages came:

1 – I make sure to see the pyramids with every visit to Egypt

2 – My visit to the pyramids is the third

3 – She still maintains the same feelings, as I deeply admire her for the greatness of building the pyramids and what our Egyptian ancestors made of engineering miracles.

4 – Despite the great engineering development, this huge building still keeps its secrets and maintains its position as one of the most important monuments in the world.

5. Egypt remains for me the greatest country in the world

6 – My visit to Egypt is considered a duty for everyone who has achieved success abroad

7 – Our role is to promote the tourist attractions of Egypt

8 – I am proud of my Egypt and my belonging to this ancient civilization.

The Minister of Immigration, Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration with the Egyptian star, expressed her happiness at Mina Masoud for his visit to Egypt during that period, whose visit to a number of prominent tourist attractions such as the Giza pyramids is a promotion for Egyptian tourism, given the prestige and international fame of the Egyptian star, which confirms On the patriotism of this young Egyptian who did not hesitate to serve Egypt, he was one of the participants in the initiatives of the Ministry of Immigration, and the first ambassador of the presidential initiative “Speak Arabic” which aims to preserve the Egyptian national identity. He supported the initiative with a video clip in which he urged young Egyptians abroad to speak Arabic and preserve On our Egyptian dialect that will preserve our identity and heritage.

The Minister of Immigration thanked the Egyptian representative, Mina Masoud, for his enthusiasm towards his homeland Egypt and his constant pride in his Egypt and his identity, until he became Egypt’s ambassador abroad for the great successes he had achieved at the technical and public level as he was among the youth of the second generation of the children of Egyptians abroad, expressing her pride and happiness for what he reached in his career Artistic, as well as his adherence to Arabic and Egyptian, the language of his motherland, pointing out that art is one of the elements of the soft powers of Egypt abroad because of its power of influence, and therefore its success is considered a success for Egypt abroad.


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