A busy season … 5 remarkable phenomena in the Ramadan 2021 drama


Witbroughs 5 لDramatic Ramadan seasonAccording to what is revealed by the initial map of the series, whose makers have confirmed their intention to run the marathon through it; Most notably the participation of first-class stars, and the return of some of them after an absence of a year or more, and some of them even come together in joint work.

The second of those striking features is the remarkable presence For female drama; This is because the initial list of series reveals that a number of starlets have gone through their marathon works with absolute heroism, among them Mona Zaki (returning after a five-year absence from TV drama), as well as Yusra, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Rogina, Reham Hajjaj and Ghada Abdel Razek.

Among the most prominent features is the presence of epic works of huge production, including national works such as the series “Choice 2”, the series “Counter Attack”, as well as the series “Covid 25”.

The dramatic race will also include two works adapted from novels by Nobel’s writer Naguib Mahfouz, namely “Between Heaven and Earth” and “Good Struggle.”

As for the fifth phenomenon, it is the return of stars to television dramas after an absence.

Mass production

As for mass-production businesses, In a new drama, the two stars appear Karim Abdulaziz And Ahmed Makki, to their fans in Ramadan in the series “”Check 2After the success of the first part of the series, in which the starring role is played by the artist Amir Karara. It deals with an aspect of the heroics of the armed forces and the police in Egypt. It is written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Peter Mimi..

After about two weeks, the artist finishes Ahmed Ezz Filming his scenes in the series “Counterattack“, Which deals with one of the Egyptian intelligence files, and is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan. Hind Sabry, Majda Zaki, and a group of artists will participate in the work. It is written by Baher Dweidar and directed by Ahmed Alaa..

In only 15 episodes, the series “Covid 25The dramatic race, written by Engy Alaa, starring Youssef Al-Sharif and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal, and it is one of the types of mass-produced works.

And within the phenomenon of stars gathering together in joint actions during the 2021 drama season, the two stars present Ahmed El Sakka AndAmir Karara, a series “Offspring of aliensRebekah May Omar Diab, Firdaws Abdel Hamid, Edward and Ahmed Malek, and a number of artists. The series is written and directed by Muhammad Sami.

And after his return to resume filming his series, the star participates Mohamed RamadanIn the Dramatic Race in the series “MousaWritten by Nasser Abdel-Rahman, directed by Muhammad Salama, after the series “The Emperor” that was being prepared for it was postponed. Ramadan Embodying the character of the late artist Ahmed Zaki.

The series “Cairo Kabul” also entered its final stages after the end of filming, in preparation for the upcoming drama season, starring Tarek Lotfi, Fathi Abdel Wahab and Khaled El Sawy. Written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, and directed by Hussam Ali.

Naguib Mahfouz

As for works adapted from novels, for a novel by writer Nobel Naguib Mahfouz, who was previously presented in the 1959 film, 11 heroes, including artist Hani Salama, present the series “Between Al-Sama and Al-Ard”, in a different drama from what was presented in the film. The series is a script for Islam Hafez, and directed by Muhammad Jamal Al-Adl.

Regarding the novel “Good Struggle” by Naguib Mahfouz, the star Amr Youssef is participating in the dramatic race in the series “The King”, accompanied by Saba Mubarak, Sawsan Badr, Majid Al-Masry, and others. The work is written by Khaled and Sherine Diab, and directed by Hussein El Miniawy.

Women’s tournament

The list of the women’s championship includes a number of series whose makers are racing to catch up with the dramatic season in Ramadan. The series “Intersection of Roads”, starring Mona Zaki, is almost ready for showing in Ramadan 2021. It is co-starring Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohamed Farraj and Sayed Ragab, and it is written and directed by Tamer Mohsen.

The series marks Zaki’s return to television drama after five years of absence, since her last series, “Afrah al-Qobba” in 2016..

Actress Reham Hajjaj is in the race with the series “All We Divide”, written by Ahmed Wael and Yasser Abdel Majid, and with a dramatic treatment of Muhammad Amin Radi, and directed by Karim Al Adl..

In a social context, actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz presents the series “I Maloush Kabir” with Dina Fouad, Ahmed Al-Awadi, Donia Abdel Aziz and Khaled Al-Sawy, and others. It is written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin, and directed by Mustafa Fikry.

After the success of the character “Fadwa” in the series “Al-Prince”, actress Rogina will embody the starring role in the series “Bint Al Sultan”, in a thrilling social drama, with Basem Samra and Ahmed Magdy, written by Ayman Salama and directed by Ahmed Shafiq.

Actress Ghada Abdel Razek is participating in the dramatic marathon of the series “Dam Ghazal”, with Sherif Salama and Amr Abdel Jalil. It is directed by Muhammad Osama.

Yousra is waiting for the resumption of filming her scenes in the series “Civil War”, in which the drama race is set to take place in 2021, while the producing company is looking for an alternative to the artist “Haifa Wehbe”, who apologized for not participating in the work, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz..

After the “Dahab” series project, written by Medhat Al-Adl, was halted, actress Nelly Karim began preparing for her series “Wadd Al-Tayyar”, written by Amr El-Daly, and directed by Ahmed Khaled.

Actress Dina El-Sherbiny is participating in the dramatic marathon of the series “Qasr Al-Nil”, written by Muhammad Suleiman Abdel-Malik and directed by Khaled Marei.

Returning after an absence

In contrast to the return of Mona Zaki, after two years of absence from the dramatic race, the artist Yahya Al-Fakharani is returning, through his series “Naguib Zahi Zarkash”, which is set in a social and comedic framework. The series was written by Abdel-Rahim Kamal and directed by Shadi Al-Fakharani.

The artist Mustafa Shaaban returns to the TV drama after last year’s absence, through the series “Hornet’s Nest”, in which Amr Saad, Amr Abdel Jalil, Hanan Mutawa and Yasmine Rais co-starring in it. And it takes place in a social context full of excitement.

And the Ramadan drama also returns after last year’s absence, the artist Mohamed Imam, through the series “The Tiger”, in which Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Khaled Saleh and Amr Abdel Jalil also participate. It is directed by Sherine Adel and written by Mohamed Salah Al-Azab.

The makers of “Dhall Ragel” are racing to catch up with the drama season. And the series, starring Yasser Jalal, Nour, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni and a large group of stars, and its events are in a popular framework. It was written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah, and directed by Ahmed Saleh.

The artist Ahmed Zahir is attending his first absolute heroism, through the series “Ibn Al-Andal”. Comedian Ali Rabee ‘is also involved in the dramatic marathon in the series “Bag Hamza and Hamzawy” written by Islam Sami.


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