A court in Algeria decides to imprison two former ministers under Bouteflika


The two Algerian prime ministers

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Algerian Prime Ministers Ahmed Ouyahia (left) and Abdelmalek Sellal (right)

On Thursday, an Algerian court upheld heavy prison sentences for two former prime ministers who had served under former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, according to a judicial source.

The source said that the verdict upheld the original ruling issued in December 2019, which sentenced former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia to 15 years and 12 years to former Prime Minister Abdel Malik Sellal.

The two were convicted in a corruption trial that focused on the country’s auto sector and secret financing of the 2019 reelection attempt, which was aborted by Bouteflika, who resigned as a result of his illness in April of that year amid mass protests.

The two men were retried after the Supreme Court, in November, overturned their earlier convictions on appeal.

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