A dance link for Nabila Obeid, despite her old age, you will not believe how old she is


Actress Nabila Obeid was keen to share with her audience a video clip on her personal account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, as she danced to the rhythm of the song “Go Beautiful in the Square,” by Ehab Tawfiq, in celebration of her 76th birthday.

Nabila commented on the video, saying: “I was pleased with the delicacy of your feelings. May God make it Happy New Year to everyone.”

It is worth noting that the actress Nabila Obeid stood in front of a large number of stars, most notably: “Rushdi Abaza, Ahmed Mazhar, Ahmed Zaki, Mahmoud Hamida, Farouq Al-Fishawi, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Youssef Shaban, Mahmoud Yassin, Salah Kabil, Abu Bakr Ezzat, Kamal Al-Shenawi, Adel Imam “.

Among the most prominent films presented by Nabila Obeid, “The Dancer and the Politician,” “The Woman and the Cleaver,” “Toot Tut,” “The Mud,” “Rabaa Al-Adawiya,” “The Secret Session,” “Dick Al-Barbar,” “The Assassination of a School,” and “Kashf Al-Hidden”. , “The Virgin and White Poetry,” “Patience in the Navigators,” “The Dancer and the Drummer.”


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