A list of prices and specifications of the new DL electric cars in Egypt.


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Thursday 28 January 2021

A list of prices and specifications of the new DL electric cars in Egypt ... know it
New DL electric cars in Egypt
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DL Egypt officially unveiled three light electric vehicles for the first time in the Egyptian market, in cooperation with the Egyptian digital portal “EG Gate” of the Long Live Egypt Fund.

The list of cars that were unveiled during the ceremony included a three-wheeled passenger transport vehicle similar to a “tuk-tut”, a second three-wheel vehicle for commercial transport, and a third four-wheel drive for internal roads.

In addition to Egypt’s digital portal, Dolibat Misr cooperates with a number of companies, banking entities, bodies and factories inside and outside Egypt, with the aim of maximizing the target of the company’s business and developing it.

For more details about DL Egypt partners in Egypt Press here

The Future Company for the Facilitation of Vehicle Licensing is in charge of supervising the specifications of the General Traffic Department and developing a modern plan that contributes to the development of the new digital signage system for cars, and the organization of the traffic plan for these light vehicles.

The company aims to produce about one million light vehicles of the aforementioned models within 3 years of the official launch, and mass production and sale to the public will begin in the second quarter of 2021.

Through the following pages, it is possible to identify cars and their specifications:

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