A rare photo – Salah Zulfikar with his grandson Sherif Ramzy | news


Many know that the artist Sherif Ramzy is the son of the late producer Mohamed Hassan Ramzy, but some do not know that Sharif belongs to an artistic family from father to grandfather.
Art Zaman – the defects of Salah Zulfiqar with Shadia eyes

And the mother of Sherif Ramzy is Mrs. Laila, the daughter of the wife of the late artist, Salah Zulfiqar, who considered her as his daughter and considered her children his grandchildren, and in a rare picture, Sherif Ramzy appeared in childhood with his grandfather and his mother.

It is noteworthy that Sherif Ramzy is the son of producer Mohamed Hassan Ramzy and his aunt is the artist Hoda Ramzy.

It is noteworthy that Sherif Ramzi’s latest work is the series “Eatenha Waa”, in which Mai Selim, Enji Wijdan and Khaled Alish co-starred.

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