A retired colonel was run over after an altercation with a “Trilla” driver … and the accused: “His share is like that.”


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The driver of the “Trilla”, during the consideration of the renewal of his detention in front of the opposition judge in the October Misdemeanor Court, on Tuesday, disclaimed the accusation against him of having “run over” Colonel Engineer Shihab Abdel Rahman, a professor at the Canadian University in Sheikh Zayed, intentionally and premeditatedly on Al Wahat Road, referring to his murder of the victim. by mistake.

The investigations of a second October and Sheikh Zayed indicated that the victim was a retired colonel from the armed forces.

The defendant said, in front of the prosecution, that a verbal altercation occurred between him and the victim, because their car collided with the road, so he moved with the “truck” and did not see “the victim clinging to the mirror of the transport vehicle that was run over under its wheels.”

The investigations indicated that the driver’s account was false, after hearing the statements of the witnesses of the incident.

The driver said that he was driving the “truck” on the Al-Wahat Road, and collided with “Abdel-Rahman’s” car, and stopped the two cars to inspect the losses.

The driver added, “The university professor was with his wife, and asked me to check the car’s licenses, and he was about to ask the police to attend, and after that, the car drivers gathered on the road, and I was afraid of being beaten and legal prosecution, because I smashed the angel car.”

The accused stated that he was unaware of everyone “Harken Arabia and came to you”, except that he set off with the “Trilla” towards the Ring Road, so the university professor pursued him and grabbed the mirror of the transport car, and while he was climbing the road, the victim fell under the wheels of the rear car and ran over him unintentionally.

The Prosecution Office of the Second of October and the Oases had ordered the imprisonment of the “truck” driver for 4 days, pending investigations.

The prosecution requested analysis of a blood sample of the accused driver, and a statement whether or not he had used narcotic substances.

It also authorized the burial of the body of Colonel Dr. Shehab Abdul-Rahman, as well as summoning his family to hear their statements, and urging security services’ investigations to uncover the circumstances of the incident.

The Public Prosecution office also ordered the seizure of the “trill”, to be examined by a technical expert from the General Traffic Department, and to indicate whether the brakes are safe or not.

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